Home Use: Multiview Screen and Customized Projector System

The gaming system includes a large Multiview Screen and 2 customized projectors. This typical home configuration will immerse your family and mesmerize your friends in high definition personalized gaming entertainment. The screen is larger than most TV displays at much higher cost. The home screens are available in 88" or 97".  Our customized projectors are HDMI ready for connection to cable box, game console, or PC.  With a connector, you can also stream content from your mobile device on large screen. 

Features: Multiview, HDMI Input

Screen Options: 88" or 97", Rigid or Rollable, Contact us for Special Screen that can switch between Multiview and Group View.

Tabletop Version will be available in 4Q 2017.  For gamer system buyers, we will offer a module to enable Tabletop usage.   

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