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    BGR Top 10 at CES 2018 "The 10 most exciting new products that were unveiled at CES 2018"

    BRG “Technology that looks like magic”

    BGR Day 1 Top 10

    The Verge "It will look perfect and crisp and bright . . . play co-op without relying on split-screen"

    Engadget "one of the wildest...things I have seen at CES."

    TechCrunch "MirraViz is a revolutionary way to do split screen gaming"

    Digital Trends "fighting over who gets to pick the channel . . . might soon be a thing of the past"

    Yahoo News "viewers at home watch multiple high-definition videos all on the same screen"

    Tnooz "Six products from the CES ethers that we want the hotel industry to adopt and incorporate, stat."

    "Family destination hotels, take note, as well as restaurants looking to provide different viewing experiences from one single screen. This could be huge."

    GadgetFlow "Change the way you view content with the MirraViz UltraBright MultiView Screen"

    Texomas "I was blown away . . . It was amazing"











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