The World's Brightest Projector Screens

For use with UST (ultra short throw) projectors, our screens are as bright as OLED TVs. We sell our screen by itself, as well as our screen + projector.
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Up to 107" Screen, Bright as OLED TV. Real Gain: 2.05, Uniformity 95%.

Be Part of Something Revolutionary

Our screens are the brightest form of this technology that exists in the world. Screen brightness is typically measured in units of ‘real gain’. Our real gain is 2.05-3.0, while most screens have a real gain of 0.4-1.0. This makes our screens 3-5x as bright as other normal UST projector screens.

  • 100+ Inch Screen
    Home theater experience in your living room.

  • < 10 lbs
    Our screens are less than 10% the weight of comparable TVs.

  • 4K UHD
    Super bright, crystal clear picture and video quality.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Turn your home into a private cinema

It's nearly impossible to find a 100+ inch TV. If you do, it'll cost around $20,000. So, in order to get a big screen, most opt for a projector system. The problem then becomes picture quality and brightness. Most projector screens wash out the colors and aren't bright. We fixed all these problems. For $2,999 you can get a 100-inch screen and projector system with 4K UHD quality, that's brighter than OLED displays. Or, if you already have your own UST Laser projector, you can get the super bright screen by itself for $1,499.

How Do We Do It?

Directed Photon Technology

After years of research in Silicon Valley, we broke through on a technology that enables us to makes projector screens brighter than they've ever been. Each of our screens contains over 7 BILLION optical elements, which refract and multiply the light from the projector, and send it back to your eyes. This enables our displays to be brighter than 4K OLED screens, while retaining a sleek, light, and portable form factor.

  • Ultra Short Throw
    Ultra Short Throw
  • No need for special wiring
    No need for special wiring
  • Incredibly easy to mount and move
    Incredibly easy to mount and move

View Window and Ambient Light Resistance

View window is the range of angles from which you can view a screen and still be able to experience the full amount of color and brightness. Most competitors sacrifice view window or brightness along the way, but our technology enables us to bring you the best of both worlds. Ambient light resistance (ALR) is the ability of a screen to reject ambient lighting, measuring how easy it is to view in a brightly lit room. Our screens have ALR of 40%, making them ideal for those who want the best brightness, even in a well-lit room.

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