Do you see what I see? (MirraViz Videos)

Jul 17 , 2017


Ian Yuan

Do you see what I see? (MirraViz Videos)

One of the challenges we have in describing MirraViz products is that it is difficult to visualize MultiView in action.  The capability for several people to view same screen at the same time and each see completely different content all glass-free is unique.  To help address this, below are a few MirraViz videos to show the technology in action.

Note, that none of these videos have been digitally altered.  The displayed content shows the actual raw footage captured by the camera.


Sampling of Videos

Multiview Gaming Video:
This video shows a MultiView gaming setup and the basic demonstration of how multiple people can view different content at the same time on the same screen.  (see The Death of Split-screen and Screen-cheating for more on this)

Hybrid Print/Digital:
Shows integration of digital and static banner content in the same space.  Even though the static banner content (image of face) disappears as the digital content shows up, the static banner content remains visible to other viewers during the entire duration of the video.

Quick video showing the semi-transparent nature of some of our configurations.

Outdoor Capability:
This video shows the brightness capability to be able to have an outdoor display.

Large Area Indoor:
Super-sized 25’ display.

Flexible roll-up configuration:
Brief video showing how our displays can be made in a roll-able configuration.

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