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Change your home projector viewing experience with a MirraViz UltraBright MultiView Screen. 

The shown demo videos have not been altered and were filmed in brightly lit rooms.

No more dimming of lights and messing with curtains.  Our UltraBright MultiView screens are 100x-200x brighter than traditional projector screens and allow multiple people to use the same screen and each see different content on the entire screen, glasses-free.  

Projectors:  The MirraViz screen pairs well with projectors having brightness in the range of 25 Lumens to 1500 Lumens.  Multiple projectors can be used at the same time on a single screen with each projector positioned at individual viewer locations to enable MultiView.

Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Mounting How-To Video on YouTube

Table Top Configuration Guide  (download file)

Standing Configuration Guide  (download file)

1 MirraViz UltraBright MultiView Screen (75 inch or 52 inch diagonal) 
Screen Mounting Hardware


 - Screen Size - 94 inch diagonal (82 x 46 inches)
        Product Dimensions - 84 x 48 x 0.5 inches
        Weight - 10 lbs
 Screen Size - 75 inch diagonal (65 x 37 inches)
        Product Dimensions - 67 x 39 x 0.5 inches
        Weight - 7 lbs
 Screen Size - 52 inch diagonal (45 x 26 inches)
        Product Dimensions - 47 x 28 x 0.5 inches
        Weight - 5 lbs

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